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Abali Sunday Okorie

  1. Author:  Nicholas C. Obitte and Abali Sunday Okorie

Title: Formulation development of theophylline in coated polymeric pellets for controlled oral drug delivery - The Pharma Innovation Journal 2015; 3(11): 01-05


Abstract: This work is aimed at producing theophylline pellets for controlled oral drug delivery. Eight batches of theophylline pellets were prepared containing varying combinations (2.5 – 10% w/w) of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, ethylcellulose and eudragit L-100 55. The flow properties of the pellets were determined and batches II and IV, which had the best flow were coated up to 30 – 60% using eudragit L-100. Sequential dissolution studies were carried out on the coated pellets in simulated gastric fluid (SGF), pH 1.2; simulated intestinal fluid (SIF), pH 6.8 and stimulated colonic fluid (SCF), pH 7.4. The dissolution data were subjected to kinetic treatment. The 30% coated pellets released uniform amounts of theophylline in the three media unlike the other batches. Though the coated pellets had the same super case-II transport mechanism of drug release, their release kinetics were different. The 30% coated batch-II pellets had the best controlled oral delivery of theophylline.


Keywords: Hydrophylic and hydrophobic matrices, theophylline, in vitro drug release kinetics, controlled release formulation, dissolution profile.


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